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Build Apps at lightning speed – at a fraction of the cost

Clicks, not code

Any data, Any device, Any time

Reduce cost by 70%, build Apps at a fraction of the cost.


Not years, not months, just weeks. Deliver Apps instantly.


Create, Enhance and Extend Apps with clicks, not code.

Deliver consistent results every time, repeat success.

Standardize code. Eliminate snowflake effect,  bridge talent gap.

Deploy optimized and high performant Apps with ease.

True WYSIWYG, drag and drop, make your own screens look the way you want them.

- Corinne Cardon

A golden needle in the haystack. This app allows me customize my system easily.

- Howard Iken

Beautiful and functional pages super fast. Save loads of time with this app.

- Spencer Dunsmoor

Fantastic product, amazing company. Build pages with clicks, not code.

- Ashlee Kiel

About Clerisoft

Clerisoft provides universal drag & drop app builder platform for Salesforce and other cloud vendors. Build apps at lightning speed – at a fraction of the cost. Develop & deliver apps quickly with certified, pre-built, re-usable components.

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